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The Saxophone Orchestra

The unique Saxophone Orchestra, conducted by its founder Karl Veen, has thirteen members playing almost every type of saxophone. The orchestra had a promotional function for the School of Arts and Music "de Meldij" in Drachten (Nl) and dates back to 1990.  In 2000 the orchestra continued independently.

Most players are former students of the School of Music, aided by some professionals and a single sax-addict. At present the orchestra uses the following instruments: one sopranino, 2 sopranos, three alt- and three tenorsaxes; two baritonsaxophones, one bassaxophone and one Tubax (both by Eppelsheim). The orchestra has a repertoire ranging from early medieval music, through Bach up to Queen and plays music from all over the world.

Most arrangements are specialy changed for this orchestra by it's conductor and saxophonist Karl Veen, who is a teacher at "de Meldij". In the 80's Karl Veen was teaching saxophone in the conservatoria of Enschede, Groningen and Leeuwarden.

July 2011 Macadamhoeve at Beerta, Groningen.

Liesbeth Koops Wilma Hallema Nelleke van Veen Jet Wassink Bertine Meijer Leo Smid Ammerens Menage Andrea Kramer Klaas IJkema Monique Dijkman Sibbele Wijnia Dirigent Karl Veen. Janny van Slooten Petra Zijlstra Femmy van Haitsma
From left to right:
Liesbeth Koops, Wilma Hallema, Nelleke van Veen, Jet Wassink, Bertine Meijer, Leo Smid , Ammerens Menage , Andrea Kramer, Klaas IJkema, Monique Dijkman, Sibbele Wijnia, Dirigent Karl Veen.

On the front:
Janny van Slooten, Petra Zijlstra, Femmy van Haitsma

June 2005 Nicolaaschurch on Vlieland (Island)

Siebregta Hoekstra Leo Smid Wilma Hallema Koos Jorritsma Cor Roelofsen Ruurd Dijkstra Dirigent Karl Veen Karen Anjema Tjalling de Boer Sibbele Wijnia Andrea Kramer Femmy van Haitsma Petra Zijlstra Douwe de Graaf
From left to right:
Siebregta Hoekstra. Leo Smid, Wilma Hallema, Koos Jorritsma, Cor Roelofsen, Ruurd Dijkstra, Dirigent Karl Veen, Karen Anjema, Tjalling de Boer

On the front:
Sibbele Wijnia, Andrea Kramer, Femmy van Haitsma, Petra Zijlstra, Douwe de Graaf


Nij Beets: Rehersal location, every Thursday from 19:30 - 22:00 uur. For more information mail to Karl Veen

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How to book the Saxophone Orchestra? send a email to: