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This unique saxophoneorchestra from Holland, conducted by its founder Karl Veen, has thirteen members playing almost every type of saxophone. At present there are 7 type of saxophones played in this orchestra. Most players are former students of the School of Music, aided by some professionals and a single sax-addict.

When Karl Veen makes an arragement he uses the following instruments :

1 Soprillo 3 Tenor saxophones
1 Sopranino 2 Baritone saxophones
2 Soprano saxophones 1 Tubax
3 Alto saxophones 1 Bas saxophone

For more information about the Tubax please click here :
Information Tubax

Karl Veen arranges all of the music for the orchestra. He uses Internet and Finale to make the music. The orchestra has a repertoire ranging from early medieval music, through Bach up to Queen and plays music from all over the world.

To see an overview of the arrangements that Karl Veen wrote please click here :
Arrangements of the Saxophone Orchestra

Karl Veen makes also music for Quintet: 1 soprano, 1 alto sax, 2 tenorsaxes and a bassaxophone. The arrangements can also be changed for 2 alto saxes, 2 tenorsaxes and a bassaxophone or  1 soprano, 2 alto saxes, 1 tenorsax and a bassaxophone. He can also make music for Quartet ensembles

Anyone who is interested in one of these arrangements can contact the conductor Karl Veen. Karl Veen can also compose music on demand.


How to book the Saxophone Orchestra? send a email to: