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KARL VEEN (1946) studied saxophone with Ed Bogaard. He studied in Groningen en Utrecht. He did the hafabra course and studied flute.

In the 70's and 80's Karl Veen teached saxophone in the conservatoria of Enschede, Groningen and Leeuwarden. This orchestra was founded in 1990. He wanted to show the possiblities of the saxophone, his hobby. The orchestra had a promotional function for the School of Arts and Music "de Meldij" in Drachten (Nl).  In 2000 the orchestra continued independently.

Nowadays Karl is an music teacher at the School of Music. In the past he held many workshops, studydays for saxophone and ensembles. He hopes to continue these activities long into the future. Karl arranges every type of music for saxophones, be it 2 saxophones or 268  saxophones. You can see that on the photo's.

Karl is also possessed by large saxophones, for example the Sub-contrabas, Tubax.  He is an specialist in saxophones and many people can appreciate that.

De ambassadeur van de saxofoon
Bron: Drachter Courant, 29 september 2010



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